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New Song

2010-08-04 09:44:52 by zippe6

This New song i made was a complete accident. The Melody is hot and you should check it out and review!

comonet on this.

2008-08-08 11:26:58 by zippe6

coment on this

review this song!

2008-04-26 10:55:18 by zippe6

hey review my latest song with a blues feel. /139895

newground is cool? prove it!

2008-01-15 15:48:01 by zippe6 5277
go to this forum and state why newground rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check out my new movie called "my mini stick arena"
go to it and vote 5

My New Movie, my mini sitck arean in flash protal

the tampon game

2007-09-07 21:36:34 by zippe6

ya thats it the tampon game. All you have to do is think of a movie, any movie,but i has to be real.
Then take one word out of the name of the movie and repalce it with "tampon". post your idea and others will read.
ex : lord of the tampon, tampon wars,..... ect

its all new

2007-07-18 18:24:36 by zippe6

i would like to say................................................ this newgrounds rocks!

hey tom love it this shit kicks ass

its all new